From cascading curls, beach waves, straightening or smoothing treatments, our talented hair team offers the service that will take your tresses to the next level. We can create dramatic transformations with Matrix revolutionary texture technology. From soft to firm curls, to silky smooth straightening, JSC offers a complete range of options for every hair type and trend.

Texture ServicesSenior Stylist
Permanent Wave
Traditional curl service. Usually used for short to medium length hair to achieve small to medium sized curl patterns.
Body Wave
A more relaxed version of the traditional permanent wave. Creates loose curls and gives movement to the hair.
Beach Wave
JSC beach waves are unique. Our team uses a reliable technique to create a beautiful, long-lasting & elongated beach wave pattern.
Spiral Perm
Cascading Curls that have spring and bounce. A perfect choice for longer hair. Available in small, medium & large curl patterns.
All four perm choices are available in even-textured (same size curl throughout) and multi-textured (alternating small & large curl patterns) and can be custom rolled to design the curl that best compliments you.
Permanent Smoothing
Smoothes away frizz and controls curls. Usually should be re-touched every 3-6 months
Permanent Straightener
Permanently straightens hair and removes natural curl patterns. Usually should be re-touched every 6-8 months. Works best in thick, course hair.